Free Fire: 5 Best Locations in Kalahari map

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With the February Update, Free Fire permanently added the Kalahari map. However, it is currently only accessible in classic form. Today, we will examine the greatest treasure spots or areas to scavenge on this Garena Free Fire Kalahari map.

But first, let’s learn what makes this map different from other maps:

Smaller field of play

This will prevent the matches from dragging on unnecessarily.
Compared to “Bermuda” and “Purgatory,” there are more terrains. Numerous terrains guarantee higher drops and, as a result, much bigger fall damage.

Fewer open spaces for spraying

It implies that in order to kill or remove foes from cover, gamers will have to disperse. additional areas for campers to consider.

Best places in Kalahari map

1. Refinery

One of the most frequent landing zones is the refinery, which is also the ideal location for looting. Both campers and rushers  prefer it. Weapons and explosives are typically widely dispersed. A ZipLine and an armour upgrading kit are both around the location. There are also cover and hiding places.

2. Command Post

You are going to fight shortly in this location. But despite that, players continue to come down here. The vast plunder that is strewn around the homes and tents is the main reason. There is also an armour improvement kit in this area.

3. The Sub

It occupies a special spot on the map. It  has many resources in addition to an armour upgrading kit close to the tents beneath the shattered submarine. The elevation is the only disadvantage for rushers at this location. The submarine, or rather the entire location, is perched upon a plateau. Many gamers die tragically after falling off this submarine.

4. Santa Catarina

Another distinctive location on this map. This is a ruined ship. The captain’s cabin, which is located below the ship’s floor, is an ideal hiding place. The game’s first phases can be completed with the current amount of resources. If enemies haven’t already been there, there is further loot to be found in the nearby structures. This area has a really aesthetically pleasing appearance. Normally, a kit for upgrading armour is available here.

5. Stone Ridge

Usually a peaceful area with decent basic treasure to prepare gamers for combat. You can earn yourself a few kills by ascending the stairs. Occasionally, not too far from the ridge on the left, there is an armour upgrading kit.

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