Best Submachine Guns in Free Fire

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One of the most popular battle royale games is Garena Free Fire. On August 23, 2017, the free fire was launched. Garena Free Fire has already received over one billion downloads on Google Play. This game is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You don’t need to find the best submachine guns in free fire specifications, because everything is available here.

The term “battle royale” implies that the game is exclusively focused on combat. Guns, on the other hand, are the major component that makes the game a battle royale. A battle royale game cannot exist without guns and other defending and attacking features. There are a variety of weapons available in this game, including SMGs, handguns, shotguns, rifles, snipers, machine guns, and more.

In the free fire, players can use a variety of guns to attack and defend themselves. We will discuss a type of gun called a SubMacine Gun in this amazing post (SMG). In a free fire, the submachine gun plays a major part, and there are multiple elite pass objectives with SMG weaponry.

What is the best submachine gun in free fire?

Submachine guns are a player’s secondary backbone weapon. In free fire, we referred to submachine weapons as SMGs. SMG ammo is what we load in SMG firearms, and this type of weaponry is available to play in the intermediate range of the game. Their fire rate is incredible.

When the player is fighting adversaries, the submachine guns have a tremendous rate of damage and a high rate of fire. Submachine guns (SMG) are the weapons that will assist you in winning the war.

Assault rifles are used for long-range shooting, whereas SMG firearms, sometimes known as submachine guns, are utilized for short-range and mid-range shooting.

However, the most powerful free-fire firearms are classified as submachine guns. We’ll learn more about how many submachine guns we have in free fire and how powerful they are.

List of best submachine guns in free fire

best submachine guns in free fire

MP40 Submachine Gun

The MP40 belongs to the submachine guns (SMG) family and is the most powerful weapon for short-range combat. In a free fire, the MP40 is the finest and most powerful weapon. It has remarkable bullet-firing speed. Only this weapon has a faster rate of fire. As a result, if you wish to eliminate the opponent in a short amount of time, this is the ideal SMG gun for you.

Damage: 48

Range: 22

Magazine: 20

Movement speed: 63

Rate of fire: 83

Reload speed: 48

Accuracy: 17

Armor penetration: 0


The Vector pistol first appeared in a free fire a few years ago, and it has since become a popular weapon in the game. Vector is the first akimbo gun in the free fire where players can use both hands to grip the same submachine gun, allowing us to use two vector guns at the same time.

As a result of employing both firearms at the same time, your opponent will be hesitant to provoke you. In a free fire, the bullet speed and vector gun damage are extremely high.

Damage: 47

Range: 32

Movement speed: 69

Magazine 25

Rate of fire: 81

Reload speed: 41

Accuracy: 61

Armor penetration: 0


In a free fire, the Thompson is the next best and most powerful submachine gun. This weapon is equipped with a large-caliber, double-shot SMG Power that can quickly damage and knockdown enemies in the middle range. This rifle also has a really lovely and relaxing sound.

Damage: 50

Range: 33

Magazine: 42

Movement speed: 64

Rate of fire: 77

Reload speed: 48

Accuracy: 42

Armor penetration: 0


All gamers who want to shoot a flawless headshot on an enemy’s head should use the UMP. The UMP is the lightest submachine gun, yet it can be equipped with so many accessories that it becomes an ultimate weapon. It’s a great submachine gun for inexperienced players because it has a faster reload speed and faster movement speed. This submachine gun also has a 2x, 3x, and 4x scope.

Damage: 50

Range: 37

Magazine: 48

Movement speed: 79

Rate of fire: 74

Reload speed: 77

Accuracy: 43

Armor penetration: 67


For all free fire players, the MP5 is the greatest gun. The MP5 is the ideal submachine gun for everyone who wants a weapon with a higher rate of fire and quick reload time. When compared to all other submachine guns available in free fire, the MP5 is the gun that is easiest to use in this category.

Damage: 48

Range: 41

Movement speed: 66

Magazine: 48

Rate of fire: 76

Reload speed: 77

Accuracy: 54

Armor penetration: 0

Over to you

Although there are several submachine guns in free fire, gamers are still unaware of their exact specifications. That is why they are unable to finish the current elite pass’s “Defeat 20 foes with SMG” assignments.

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