Free Fire Guide: Tips and tricks to heal and revive

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You will compete against other players in a Free Fire match, which will result in some health loss. Players also have access to other types of harm, such as gas or fall harm. Your character will die if you don’t cure quickly enough in this situation. Free Fire guide has a few additional methods of HP recovery than other battle royale games. In this article, we’ve included the top advice on how to heal and revive in Free Fire as well as information on their mechanics.

Fee fire Guide to Heal and Revive in the game

Choose the right character

In a free fire guide, almost every character is intended to do varying degrees of tasks. Pick Laura if you want to improve your likelihood of hitting a headshot while scoped in, or Kelly if you want to improve your movement. If you want to get healthier, you can also pick Alok, K, Jota, or A124.

Use Medikits frequently

The most common health-improving item found in every game is a medkit. They are large, a distinct shade of green than grass, and have a (+) sign as a health symbol, making them simple to spot. You may activate it by tapping the icon on the left side of the screen. After 3 seconds, your character would begin utilizing it. You can use a medical kit when your health isn’t at its best.

Use Mushrooms

The mushroom function can increase your number of Energy points. During the battle, you can replenish your health by using an Energy Point (EP). Furthermore, there are four different varieties of mushrooms, each of which awards the player with 50, 75, 100, or 200 EP. You can benefit from this by picking the right character to help you increase the speed at which you use mushrooms.

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Treatment Gun can do wonders

Due to its dual functionality, it stands out among other health-improving items in the game.

  • Can harm adversaries.
  • May restore health to you and your companions. It is the game’s health booster.

The most important objective in any battle royale game is to revive your teammates. Since you need their cooperation and support to survive and make it to the final end. Although both Kapella and Olivia can give your allies more HP after revival, most people choose Kapella because of her passive ability, which offers an advantage in addition to boosting allies.

Also, pay attention to your health bar. In Free Fire guide, each character starts out with 200 HP. When the gauge in single-player mode gets smaller after taking damage. However, the player gets knocked to the ground and can be revived in pair or squad mode. If you use the right character, as shown, you can add some extra health after reviving.

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