Free Fire Moco Guide: Abilities, Character and Combinations

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Free Fire characters provide the perfect scenario for the game. You can see your personality in any character. So, it’s the avatar that leads the free fire world and lets you follow the real-time gameplay. Moco is one of Free Fire’s earliest characters, with one of the most widely used passive character skills. “Moco Enigma,” the Awaken version of Free Fire Moco, has been released by developers.

This Free Fire tutorial will teach you how to master Moco by showing you the optimal character combinations.

Free Fire Moco 

Moco is the Cyber World’s legend, according to the Free Fire stories. Free Fire Moco is renowned as “chat noir” because of her aptitude and cleverness. She can hack into any computer she wants and no one will notice. She vanishes like a ghost after she’s gotten the information she needs.

free fire moco

Moco abilities in Free Fire

Moco marks the shot enemy with a mark for 2 seconds in her first level, and the information is shared with the user’s teammates. At its highest setting, the tagging time climbs to 5 seconds.

Awaken Ability:

Players can unlock Moco Enigma, the awakening skill of free fire Moco by completing simple in-game missions. Moco Enigma, like Moco, tags the shot opponents for 5 seconds, but the marking on the hit foes lasts up to 6.5 seconds as the enemy moves.

Best character skill combination with Moco

Because Moco is a passive-skilled character, players can combine active and passive skills to make her more powerful. Both Clash Squad and BR mode benefit from Moco. The following are some of the top Moco skill combos.

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Moco/ Alok/ Maro/ Dasha

When Alok activates his skill, he forms a 5m aura that increases 5 HP every second and gives the user 15% more agility for 10 seconds. Maro increases damage against marked foes by 3.5 percent and increases damage with distance by up to 25%.

Dasha reduces the amount of damage caused by falls by 80% and the time it takes to recover by 80%. In BR mode, players can equip this skill combo while advancing their rank. Players can participate in survival games and gain kill points by engaging in long-range conflicts with a damage advantage.

Moco/ Wukong/Hayato/ D-Bee

Wukong morphs into a mobile bush shield with a 20% movement reduction when the skill is activated. Hayato enhances armour penetration by 10% for every 10% reduction in the user’s maximum HP. When firing while moving, D-Bee boosts the movement speed by 15% and the accuracy by 20%.

In both CS and BR mode, this skill combination can be employed for rush games. With Moco, players can find the hit enemy’s location, and enhanced armour penetration allows users to easily bring down the attacker.

Moco/ Skyler/ Kelly/ Jota

When Skyler uses this skill, a sonic wave is released that can destroy five Gloo walls in a single second. In addition, every deployed Gloo wall restores a little amount of HP to the user. Kelly accelerates his sprinting pace by 6%. After Jota hits an enemy, he recovers some HP and grants 20% HP when the opponent is knocked down.

This skill combination can be used for offensive games. Players can utilize Skyler to swiftly damage opponents, and if they try to flee, they can use Free Fire  Moco to retrieve the enemy’s location mark and rush on them.

Tips for using Moco in Free Fire

  • Players should unlock the awakening skill since it leaves a longer mark on hit opponents as they move.
  • Free Fire Moco skill is used not only when an enemy is hit by a gun, but also when an opponent is hit by grenades, flash grenades, and other types of grenades.
  • Players should strive to connect at least one bullet rather than charging at foes head-on. It’s easy to rush enemies with the mark on them.

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