Free Fire new character Jai: Detailed Review

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As part of its third-anniversary celebrations, developers are preparing to introduce a free fire character Jai. The new character is based on Hrithik Roshan, a well-known Bollywood star. On the 29th of August, he will enter the realm of Free Fire.

This surprised a lot of people around the world because every new patch update introduces two new characters. Adding this character before the next patch release is likely an indication that more interesting things are on the way in the next month.

Here’s all you need to know about Jai, the new Free Fire character, as well as how to recruit him into your ranks.

The new Free Fire character Jai

free fire character jai

Jai is a hero and a SWAT trained civilian agent in this game. He’s a tough guy who works in high-risk environments. The character is modelled on Hrithik Roshan, who is well-known for playing the ‘Hero’ in a number of Bollywood films.

Hrithik Roshan is more than just a famous actor. He’s a fantastic dancer who also supports a variety of charitable initiatives. Free Fire has undoubtedly formed a special link with the Indian server gamers as a result of the launch of this character.

Jai Character Skill: ‘Furious Recharge’

Furious Recharge will be a passive skill that Jai will have. After claiming a kill, the talent will instantly refill the weapon magazine. This will continue to a certain extent, up to a certain percentage of its initial capability.

In any situation, the Furious Recharge skill can be quite useful for rushers. Many times, a player will kill you during the minutes that you are trying to reload. You will be able to successfully gun down squads without having to bother about reloading with this skill.

When maxed out, it will instantly reload a large amount of the weapon magazine, allowing you to be ready to fight without cover.

How can you get Jai in game?

Jai will most likely make his debut in a Top-Up Event. The character will be released on August 29th, according to Free Fire. The current ‘Top-Up Event,’ which runs until August 28th, is themed on the Third Anniversary: 3volution event. As a result, everything points to this character’s arrival will be a ‘Top-Up Event.’

This event is definitely the best way to get him, as once the Top-Up event is complete, getting him through the Character Royale segment of the Luck Royale will become more difficult. So, if you have already fallen in love with this new character, save your money for a top-up.

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