Free Fire New Update 2022

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There is no doubt that Free Fire has become one of the most popular and trending battle royale games globally. With a base of over 150 million monthly players. This game has become a legend in itself. That being said, one of the biggest reasons for this game’s success and steady growth is the fact that this game never becomes static. There is always free fire new update happening all around the globe in this game which encourages the players to log in and pray every day. Some of the significant events that are happening in the year 2022 are:

Play to Win / Time Target Event

This event will take place on 12th and 13th February only. You can win exclusive rewards such as Gold Royale Voucher, Beatz Tokens, Incubator vouchers, and Flaming Skull weapons Crates. Thus, you can unlock all these events by playing Free Fire for the given time targets. Simply log in and play through the given targets of time spent in gameplay, and all the rewards can be yours!

free fire new update

The Kill Challenge

This special event will take place between 8th and 14th February. This event will feature kill targets that the gamers must complete in any game mode to unlock several rewards such as Weapon Royale Voucher, Gold Royale Voucher, and a special Maroon Laser Pan skin. So gather your guns and get ready to kill.

Free Fire X Assassins Creed Event Calendar

This free fire new update is between Free Fire and the popular video game series Assassins Creed. This event calendar will begin on the 28th of February and continue until the 13th of March. There will be numerous events in this calendar, such as cumulative login, Assassin the chosen, Target List, Aftermatch drop, Personality test, and 12th march login.

Travel Mission Event

This event will start on the 5th of February and continue until the 12th of February. This free fire new update will offer three rewards. The Gold Royale Voucher, which you will get for traveling 5000m. Diamond Royale Voucher, which you will receive after traveling for 10,000m, and a jumbo Aurora Audiobomb Loot box which you will receive after traveling 20,000m.

free fire new update

Drone Supply Event

This particular free fire new update offers a wide range of rewards. These rewards include Gun Skins, Pet food, and Luck Royale Vouchers. In addition, there is a grand prize for a Jewel Mystifies bundle where players will have the ability to play the Jewel Crush Mode in this event by using the Beatz tokens to win stars. These stars can be used later on to redeem the available event rewards. You will have an unlimited cash in Free Fire Mod APK to rock the world.

Special Log-in and Weekend Party

Do you want to win something but don’t wanna play? Then, simply log in on the 12th of February and get a chance to win the Brassy Core Backpack! Furthermore, there is a special weekend login event that will enable you to win a free monster truck skin simply by logging in to the Final Squad Beatz Event, which will take place on February 19th and 20th.

Free Fire New Update in OB35 Latest Apk & OBB File

The Free Fire new Update is available with the following most amazing features. Do check them

  • New Weapon G36 – 2 firing modes for survival
  • Vibration function (in-game enhancements) to blow your mind
  • Reduced the installation package size to facilitate the people
  • New “Credit System” to reward players with good behaviors.
  • Character skill rework: Steffie, A124, Rafael, Nikita.
  • New in-game missions in Battle Royale Classic Mode – Hit Lists and Supply Runs.
  • Clash Squad Season 12 – Begins on 3/24, 17:00 GMT+8.
  • Characters are now all free with the LINK system.

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