Free Fire OB36 Update Release Date- Advance Server

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free fire ob36 update

The Garena Free Fire Ob36 update is currently accessible to its users. The free Fire app has already started to be downloaded by fans. New features and upgrades will be added to the game. Among other things, this update introduces a new zombie mode, a new map, and new emotes.

Let’s ignore Ob35 for the time being. Are you eager to discover more about the free fire ob36 update advance server, which will soon be released? The following information is taken from our gaming post regarding the Free Fire OB35 Update.

Free Fire Ob36 Update Advance Server

Currently, users can play Free Fire Max and Illuminate in its most recent version, OB36 (1.93.1 Update). Free fire enthusiasts have grown to adore the Ob34 version. The Play Store version of the file is about 700 MB in size. This updated version of Ob34 offers the ability to create several maps, a brand-new M24 sniper rifle, and additional map locations. What exactly is the Free Fire OB36 Update?

Expected things in the Free Fire OB36 Patch Notes?

There is still much to do in Ob34 before the Free Fire OB36 Update arrives. Even the official date is now undetermined. Thus, this updated edition of Free Fire might last for an additional two to three weeks. The formal announcement of the Garena Free Fire upgrade won’t come until then. However, there have already been a number of rumors’ regarding the Free Fire OB36 patch notes.

Buffs and modifications to the M24 gun, SCAR, M16, and M79 arsenal are both conceivable. The airdrops will also be enhanced. As a part of the Free Fire OB36 Update, Treatment Sniper will once again be available.

Free Fire OB35 Update Details

The unidentified person is brandishing a Senses Shockwave, which launches a drone at the closest foe within 100 meters. An overbust will occur as a result, dealing 25 damage while reducing movement speed by 50% and fire rate by 10%. After 5 seconds, it will cool down for 140 seconds.

User interface and character system change.
A new user interface has been developed for the character system.
The maximum character level is now six instead of eight.
The talents of awakened characters have an impact on the skills of the original character.

Free Fire OB36 Release Date

The official release date of OB36 apk will be announced on September 02, 2022 (GMT+5:30). We will therefore need to wait an additional three weeks before learning anything about the Free Fire Update. Soon, further details on the Free Fire OB36 Update will be provided. Until then, take advantage of the temporary Garena Free Fire Ob35 update version. With new equipment, especially the sniper rifle, you can increase the stakes in the game. After the Free Fire Ob35 update, Garena will provide more details on the Free Fire OB36.

Free Fire OB36 Advance Server

Following the step-by-step instructions below will allow people to register for a spot on the forthcoming Advance Server once registration is open.

Access the official Free Fire Advance Server webpage.
Use any of the ways offered there to log in to the platform. There are typically alternatives for Google and Facebook. It is advised to select the option with which your in-game IDs are associated.
A registration screen will appear after logging in and ask the applicant to input a valid phone number and email address. Fill out the fields truthfully in order to proceed.

After a successful registration, the Download APK button will show up. Click on it to download the Advance Server APK. It should be noted that the APK can only be used on Android-compatible devices.
Next, download the APK to the device, and in step five, patiently await the activation code. When it has been authorized, the applicant typically receives the code right away.

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