Free Fire Purgatory Map: New Loot Locations and Risk Areas

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Free Fire is a combat royale game that is unlike any other. New players are exposed to one of three maps. The deserted Kalahari and Bermuda are both comparable to the Purgatory map.

You will learn about all of the loot areas on the map as well as how safe it is to land there in this Free Fire Purgatory Map guide.

Purgatory map in free fire

Purgatory is one of three maps in Free Fire, a unique mobile battle royale game. Now, it has been the most popular map for players to play. Its huge, vivid geography, with big, colorful open fields and high hill grounds with snooping adversaries, makes it a difficult, but worthwhile map to play on, whether directly or indirectly.

While it is an additional map that must be downloaded, it may be installed and played in a short amount of time. This article will cover all of the Free Fire Purgatory map guide locations in the Free Fire Purgatory map guide in alphabetical order.

purgatory map

1: Brasilia 

Loot locations and risk areas

Brasilia is a densely populated area with leveled landscape and low-tier loot. It is surrounded by buildings, which provide sufficient protection from hostile attacks. It’s called the Peak or Refinery of Purgatory because of the large number of players who flock there for quick kills (and deaths).

The large concentration of descending players makes it an extremely dangerous area to land, and it’s also not recommended if you are looking for the good stuff. However, there are numerous coverings between the buildings, making it an ideal area for luring and eliminating enemies.

2: Campsite 

Loot locations and risk areas

The Campsite is a less populated area with flat terrain and low-tier goodies. Furthermore, except for the trees, it is a relatively open space with only a few containers, implying that there is little cover.

This site is risky due to its lack of cover, although it isn’t unsafe due to minimal player interest (not much loot to find). It’s still a good place to stop by if you’re looking for something.

3: Central 

Loot locations and risk areas 

Central is a level terrain place with mediocre treasure. It has fewer residences than Brasilia, but some of them have more than three levels and climbable roofs. It’s also a fantastic camping area, with plenty of cover between its walls but not much if approached from a different direction.

It’s a risky spot to land because it’s next to a bridge and has rich treasure and a high likelihood of being inside the plane’s flight path. Even though it is mostly passed by rather than landed, it is an excellent spot for a decent treasure.

4: Crossroads 

Loot locations and risk areas

Crossroads is a less congested area with low-tier loot that is located on low terrain. It includes a few trailers and one-story houses to investigate, but it is largely a by-pass spot due to its proximity to roads that run all over the area. It’s pretty open, and there’s little shelter unless you are close to the trailers, so it’s preferable to have a nearby vehicle.

Due to minimal player interest, this is a reasonably secure spot to land, but if the safe zone shrinks, it may become risky over time. It’s preferable to pillage the area fast and move on to a better place.

5: Forge

Loot locations and risk areas 

Forge is a less congested area with flat terrain and high-tier loot. It (like Bermuda’s Shipyard and Mars Electric) has a massive warehouse with a few smaller ones and a crane. However, other than a few containers, there isn’t much protection, making it easy to be seen if wandering in the open fields.

Due to the lack of cover and the fact that it is not directly connected to any highways, this area is frequently skipped following failed looting at the Ski Lounge or Campsite. Looting the area should be done with utmost caution because someone will almost surely pass by at some point.

6: Fields 

Loot locations and risk areas

Fields is a low-level place with low-tier treasure. The place is nothing more than an open field with a few lootable houses, thus it certainly lives up to its name. Except you rushed towards the boxes or inside the homes, there isn’t much cover at this place.

Due to the vast expanse and proximity to Brasilia, where players tend to land early in the game, this is a risky spot to land. Because of the limited cover and distance between spots, it’s a risky place to land, therefore use caution when entering and exiting.

7: Fire Brigade 

loot locations and risk areas 

Fire Brigade is a less populated spot with average treasure on even ground. This one-of-a-kind place houses a fire department with two stories and a plethora of chambers to explore. The building’s radius is nothing more than broad fields with few trees and trailers, therefore safety is only found within it.

Due to the lack of cover and player interest after looting other surrounding sites, this is a dangerous place to land. However, it is a fantastic camping place because adversaries are usually weak in open fields.

8: Lumbar Mill 

Loot locations and risk areas

Lumber Mill is an even-terrain area with average treasure. It represents a mill that looks very similar to Bermuda’s Factory location until you go inside. Except for a few trees and trailers, the land surrounding the spot offers little protection.

Due to the absence of protection and connectivity to a bridge that goes to other areas, landing in this area is highly perilous.

9: MarbleWorks  

Loot locations and risk areas 

MarbleWorks is a bustling area with flat terrain and high-tier loot. A one-of-a-kind location with warehouses in the middle of a field. However, in this case, ingenuity is required because the region only provides hip-height shelter, with no cover at all inside the structures.

A location is a high-loot place with a risk of landing safely just to get there. It is best to use the cover, loot, and relocate to another position swiftly to survive this location.

10: Moathouse 

Loot locations and risk areas 

Moathouse is a densely populated low-terrain place with high-tier loot. A one-of-a-kind place with three structures accessible only by swimming or zip lines. Unless you are swimming in open waters with no protection, the place itself provides plenty of shelters.

Due to player interests, this is a particularly dangerous region to land in, as it is impossible to detect and has no surrounding cover. It’s still an excellent place to loot and wait for a rare adversary to appear early in the game.

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11: Mt. Villa

Loot locations and risk areas

Mt. Villa is a less busy high-altitude destination with low-tier treasure. With a lighthouse and residences surrounded by trees, this is a one-of-a-kind hillside position. While it lacks adequate protection, it compensates with a view that is ideal for camping while scouting downhill adversaries.

Although it is a safe place to land due to minimal player interest, the low-tier accessible treasure forces players to seek out better sites if they want to survive against well-equipped adversaries.

12: Ski Lodge 

Loot locations and risk areas

The Ski Lodge is a crowded, high-altitude area with high-tier loot. Its originality lies in its structure, which depicts a genuine ski lodge (skating with an electric surfboard) heading straight downhill. Furthermore, because the region is virtually entirely open-space, there are few places to hide, even inside the structure.

Due to the minimal cover and player interests, this is a risky region to land in. Hence the structure should be entered and looted as soon as possible to avoid hostile engagement.

13: Quarry 

Loot locations and risk areas

A quarry is a less populated place with flat terrain and average loot. Furthermore, this neighborhood is known for its warehouses and ordinary dwellings. So, it’s the best place to go for decent loot. Because there is a lot of space between the structures, we can’t expect much protection from this location.

Due to the large distances between structures, and minimal cover, this is a risky spot to land in the early game. It might be worth checking out if you’re close enough.

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