Free Fire: The complete Bomb Squad Mode Guide

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With the release of the Santiago map, Garena Free Fire recently released Bomb Squad 5v5 mode with an optimised system and a temporary ranked mode for the free fire community. This is nothing new; the developers have provided players with some intense gaming experiences. However, to increase the level of difficulty in the game, players will have to engage in a brand-new type of strategic fight on the colourful Bomb Squad map Santiago.

Players should also modify their appearance following this with new Bundles that arrived during the start of this event. We will go over all the advice and tactics a player needs to know in this Free Fire Bomb Squad gameplay guide!

Free Fire Bomb Squad Map Santiago Mode

This new free fire bomb squad map Santiago mode is devided into two parts.

  1. Defends the bomb
  2. Attempts to defuse the bomb

At the start of the game, each player will receive a bomb. Unless time runs out or every member of the opposing team is eliminated, the squad that will put the bomb must securely secure the perimeter and position the bomb where it must go after passing through the front. The frontier is protected and guarded by another team, so other teams that defuse the bomb must radically rethink how they will approach the battle.

Bomb Squad map Santiago

The teams are engaged in a fierce battle since they must both manage their time and fight. Building team strategy and defeating the enemy team are prioritized in this mode. Because the only objective is to either plant a bomb or prevent the opposing side from doing so, this mode places a strong focus on the team dynamic compared to other game types. It is simpler for the adversary to sneak in and detonate the bomb if teammates are disorganized and poorly coordinated.

Tips and tricks

There are some similarities despite the fact that each mode’s dynamic is unique. Here are some pointers and strategies for playing strategically Bomb Squad map Santiago.

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Every battle royale game is purposefully created so that players can use their abilities and gaming knowledge to prevail. The most crucial component of any battlefield is teamwork and effective communication. When you work together well, it is simpler for your ally to provide you with cover during a revival, when you are knocked out or down. Whether you are on the offensive or defensive team, all players must maintain synchronisation and teamwork in order to win.

Eliminate all Opponents

So far, everyone has agreed that this method is incredibly straightforward. Either you continue to indulge in the conflict and wait patiently for the time to run out, or you use your lethal actions to take out every single opponent player and take the game. A single-player won’t be able to defeat five enemies by themselves, so stronger abilities and a well-maintained team are needed.

Investigate the Arena

Both gamers who are encouraged to improve their gaming talents and professionals are relatively unfamiliar with the Santiago map. On this new frontline, they will each encounter the same issue with indulgence. This map is rather small yet contains lots of residences and hiding places. Therefore, it is preferable to take a careful look at the Bomb Squad map Santiagoin the first round of each battle before returning to form in the second and moving on to victory.

Get accurate measures

For the weapon to function properly in each mode and in accordance with the circumstances, the appropriate attachments must be used. Any weapon’s characteristics can be improved and made more useful with attachments. This has an accessory called a cutting piler that accelerates you while you defuse the bomb.


As the foundation of every battle royale game, it is crucial that you adhere to the mentioned principles. Players must use every ability necessary to win this mode due to its severe gameplay experience. Every in-game round involves effective teamwork and synchronization. In this phase, using the right characters and weaponry is paramount. The strategically driven 5v5 Bomb Squad map Santiago features enjoyable gaming scenarios.

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