Garena Free Fire Apk Download for IOS and Android

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Free Fire Apk Ios is a first-person shooter game clone of Player Unknown Battlegrounds. This game was developed by 111dots studio for Garena and is free for all android phones in google play. It is the most popular shooting game with millions of downloads and is played by the young generation.

This is a mod version of free fire. The Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds has many new features that the original game does not have or restricts due to a limited supply of coins or diamonds. This modified version will help you win every match and get a BOOYAH.

Garena free fire apk Ios

The strategy of free fire IOS 

Free Fire IOS 7.1.2 is an online only Battle Royale game that can be played in either third or first person. Approximately 50 players parachute into an island in a typical match for guns, medical supplies, and other helpful stuff. The players can jump out of the plane at any time, allowing them to land away from their enemies to grab weapons and utilities.

There is a secure zone that covers the entire island. The safe area shrinks until there is only a tiny space for a couple of players. The shrinking safe area ensures that the players reach a point and combat to death rather than hiding or “camping” and making their win easy. Hence, the participants will eventually come face to face and fight until only one true champion remains in the arena.

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Free Fire Ios Game modes

There are two game modes with high-quality graphics and visuals. So, this game is neither a hardware nor software demanding game. Therefore, it is incredibly beneficial for mid and lower end specification phones. It’s a tremendous all-around battle royale game for the young ones. Since Free Fire Apk favors performance above graphics, it may be readily played on low-end smartphones.

Battle Royal

Fifty players must land on a random island with no weapons or supplies in the Battle Royale mode. The players must find weapons, medic kits, and other items to aid them in their adventure to win this game. So, players can find the weapons or can be dropped to enhance the game adventure. The players might choose to play alone and fight to the death. They can also form two or four-player teams. The goal is always the same: to make it to the end and become champion. The player has the option of playing a rated or classic game in free fire IOS.

Clash squad

The clash squad is a four-versus-four player option in which each player starts with adequate money. The players will use this money to purchase weapons and other store items. The match consists of seven rounds, and when one team wins four of them, they receive a “Booyah,” and the match is awarded to that team. When a team’s four players are killed, the round is ended.

Garena Free Fire Rampage 

You must watch for weapons, stay in the play area, take enemy stuff, and survive till the very end. So, to acquire this minor advantage over other players, perform legendary airborne assaults while evading airstrikes along the route.

Quick and simple gameplay

Every ten minutes, a new survivor will show up. Can you go overboard and become distracted by the brilliant light?
Create teams of up to four people, and immediately connect with your team. Respond to the call of duty, lead your pals to victory, and you’ll be the last team standing. The dynamic 4v4 game format is now available around-the-clock! Control your finances, purchase weapons, and eliminate the enemy squad!


Free fire Apk Ios  is the actual clone of the Pubg game. You will experience in-game voice chat to communicate with your friends. So, you can play with a real and empowered modified version that allows you to play like a champion.

This free fire IOS offers an unlimited number of coins and diamonds. It also comes with unlimited health and an aimbot, ensuring that you win the game without any trouble. This mod version is updated regularly and contains all of the most recent updates to facilitate you with the best.

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