Gloo Wall Grenade Tricks in Free Fire

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Free Fire can sometimes include some incredible game-changing additions that impact playstyles and smooth out gameplay. The Gloo Wall grenade, which can be found or purchased in specific game types, is one of these game-changers. The fundamental objective of the Gloo wall is to defend against hostile attacks. The creative community, on the other hand, has always found methods to make it even more fun to play with.

In this article, we will go through 15 tricks you can do in Free Fire with some Gloo wall grenade tricks!

Gloo Wall Grenade

List of Gloo Wall grenade tricks

1. Breaking falls

Yes, you can utilise the Gloo wall to break falls as well! This method requires at least one Gloo wall grenade as well as high terrain. Place the Gloo wall strategically beneath your feet and jump on it. If the ground is lower than expected, you will need more than one Gloo wall. It should be noted that after deploying three Gloo Wall grenades, the initially placed grenade will despawn, so proceed with caution!

2. Pushing out enemies

You can generate a Gloo wall within the structure right behind an adversary who is near a window to drive him outwards if you detect him near a window. Therefore, you should have a gun with you.

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3. Climbable Gloo

Sometimes going upwards is the best option. If you need to go to a high-up roof or window, you can create a staircase out of Gloo walls by placing them next to another structure. This is especially handy in a cooperative squad, as numerous people can work together to build a longer staircase. But watch out for the fall.

4. Gloo bridge

We use the same strategy as when climbing up a Gloo wall, but this time we build a bridge to cross to the other side. You may also be able to stand mid-air depending on the distance and the maximum Gloo wall spawn rate.

5. Short defense

We hear abiut defence frequently. But do you know you could lay a gloo wall a little closer to the ground to make a lower wall? You may even close in and shoot down an enemy by leaping up and down while shooting if you do it correctly.

6. Hilarious shut-in

You can use Gloo barriers to block the enemy if he is trapped in a corner. If he performs it himself, it will be even more enjoyable. All you need now is a grenade to do the job, and then you can laugh about it.

7. Tactical Gloo wall

Are you sick of fighting adversaries with launchers? Then, strategically, place Gloo walls in front of them so that they can only damage themselves. Who knew there was such a strong defence?

8. Twin tower

It may happen by chance, but if they are on high ground, a twin-tower has double the chance of stopping enemy strikes. It can also blind them, allowing you to flee to safety while they try to figure out where the player they just saw went.

9. Drag Gloo wall

The Gloo wall is a utility that is designed to be used once, but since it has failed to do so several times, it may be time for a different reason. While holding a Gloo wall, drag the fire button to ensure it is set down.

10. Ultimate defense

If properly positioned, you can create a defensive circle around yourself with just three Gloo walls. But watch out for wide spaces and fried grenades.

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