How to Get Free Fire Room Card (100% working)

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Receive a Free Fire Room Card. One of the most played survival games is this one. Its appealing graphics and availability for free play are the main factors in its popularity. Free Fire is the ideal combination of a survival and combat game. It has more than 500 million downloads only in the Google Play store as a result.

In this article, we’ll cover how to obtain an infinite Custom room card and how to use it to set up a private space where you and a friend can play according to your own preferences.

free fire room card

What is Custom Free Fire Room Card?

A custom free fire room card is an item that can be built in game to create personal spaces where they can play with their own buddies. They must utilize a custom room card, which can be acquired from the in-game shop, to create a customized environment. Where they can play with their friends while using the movement, ammo, health, jump height, and other preferences they desire.

A custom room is essentially a lobby that a player creates with the aid of a free fire room card. The user who established this lobby may invite others to join them in playing games. Making your own custom area gives you the convenience of playing the game with your friends. Playing with professional gamers is another method for improving your gaming abilities.

Get Free Fire Room Card

 Through In-game Event:

Customs can first be collected from the event. Friends, you must be aware that new events are always taking place in Free Fire. We received a unique card-free event from the creators at Free Fire. All you have to do is finish the event, and then you must collect your Custom free fire Card Rewards.

 Guild Tournament Reward:

The Guild-Tournament Reward is the alternative method. With its aid, you can adopt weak customs so that, if you don’t already have a guild, you can start one or join another. You only have 1800 dog tags in this, depending on the guild you are in. Consequently, once the Guild leader claims the tags on Friday, you receive a personalized one on Saturday.

Buy Custom Room Card:

When it comes to custom purchases with free fire diamonds, you must first visit a store and then proceed to the redeem area. From there, you can purchase a custom free fire room card for 100 diamonds.

How to Create a Custom Room Using Free Fire Room Card?

Launch the Garena Free Fire app.
An option to switch modes may be found in the main lobby’s right corner.
Select the “Mode Change” button.
 After that, touch on the customized symbol located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
Click the create button after that.
Now enter the specifications and information.
After that, you can modify the parameters, including the map and mode.
Click the “Confirm” button once you’ve finished with the options.

How to Join a Custom Room?

Make sure your ID is logged in before opening the Free Fire application.
A map option is available in the lobby.
Select the Map menu item.
You will notice a second choice of Custom after selecting that map option.
Select “custom” from the menu.
The list of bespoke rooms will appear. Click on it if you want to join one of them.
Fill up the search box with the room ID if you have it.
The screen will display the personalized room. Simply select it, then click or press the Join button.
You will be prompted for a password if the room is secured.
Just enter your password before clicking “Join.”

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