How to Get Unlimited Diamonds in Free Fire Max?

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Most of you may be thinking, is that possible to get unlimited diamonds file in a Free Fire Mod Apk? So, let me explain to you that it’s possible. Yes! You heard that right. You don’t need to ruin your gameplay and use the mod apk version of free fire to get 500,000 diamonds. That’s a fantastic option. Hence, it will help you unlock many charters and choose the weapon of your choice.

You can add your friends in-game and get multiple benefits. Hence, a map will help you explore the various locations, and you can choose night or day mode without worrying about light. Complete and powerful gameplay will enhance your excitement, and you will love your game involving your fellows as well. You can get a free fire diamond generator to enjoy unlimited diamonds choices as well.

So, just follow the provided link and set your browser to play with confidence.

How to set your browser for Unlimited diamonds in free fire max?

  • Click on the provided link.
  • A new tab will be in front of you confirming if you are not a robot
  • Click on continue
  • A new tab will be on your screen
  • Now confirm your information and click on the ok button
  • Wait for 10-seconds, and you are ready to kill the waves
  • This application will be updated automatically for unlimited diamonds choices

However, your identity will be confidential, and there will be no hurdle to playing the game. A smooth and comprehensive application helps you play without any interruption and lagging.

unlimited diamonds

Can you download any version of the free fire apk?

Yes, you can download any version of this game. In addition, we have almost every version available for you. You can choose one that can support your device.

There are usually two types of androids that support free fire mod apk.

System apps

This app is installed when the system is initializing.

User apps

However, you can install User apps from the Play store, using ADB or coping apk file on an SD card. Thus, AndroidManifest.xml is parsed, and information is extracted. So, you can store this information into /data/system/packages.xml and /data/system/packages.list.

Moreover, the Apk file is copied to a specific directory. Thus, a directory for data storage is created for this app XML parsing, and resource analysis. You can copy .apk file to

A directory creation is done by installing. c. So, a communicates with installed. c via a local socket, located at /dev/socket/installed.

Thus, a package where the .apk file got copied is different for the system. For user apps. and system apps, it is/system/app/.

Whereas for user app .apk, file copied into .apk file is copied to/data/app. In addition, .dex file, which is extracted from the .apk file, is copied to /data/Dalvik-cache/.

Hence, the package Manager creates a data directory /data/data// to store database, shared preference, native library, and cache data.

How to install apk on iPhone for unlimited diamonds file?

Free Fire for IOS devices has specified applications. So, it’s not an easy task to run an android application on IOS. We have done a lot of research and found that Emulator is the only option that provides you with a perfect solution to use the android application.

You can install Emulator on your iPhone and download the required version of the Free Fire Mod Apk.


It’s easy to get unlimited diamonds in free fire max and customize your game. The Free Fire Mod Apk version allows you to explore the game world and play with ease. So, you don’t need to spend your money. Simply enjoy this modified version to experience the real gameplay. You have to get the emulator to enjoy this on IOS.

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