How to Increase Free Fire Headshot Percentage And K/D Ratio in Ranked Mode

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The game, Free Fire MAX, has received one million downloads thanks to its excellent dynamics and high-end visuals. Games that use assault weapons, SMGs, LMGs, and shotguns offer thrilling survival experiences. Its essential to know how to increase free fire headshots and K/D ratio in ranked mode. 

Finding the ideal weapon might be challenging for gamers because there are so many options. The goal of players that frequently play in ranked mode is to increase their stats. Examples of this include a high K/D ratio and a high free fire headshot percentage. Players who have a strong headshot and K/D ratios can quickly earn the title of a professional player.

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Best Guns get better K/D ratio and Free Fire headshot percentage


The M60 is a light machine gun in the game Free Fire MAX (LMG). The enormous ammunition capacity of this weapon enables users to score more victories and improve their free fire headshot percentage. Given its enormous ammo capacity, the weapon’s average hit point rating of 56 is sufficient. Players can carry up to 60 bullets each round in the M60 weapon. Additionally, the weapon has a rapid rate of fire, which helps in close quarters battle.


The M1014 is referred to as a shotgun in the title. It causes a lot of damage to opponents in a 1v1 battle. The player may quickly eliminate the entire opposition team in a matter of seconds while improving his K/D ratio with good head precision.


One of the deadliest weapons available to players aiming to up their K/D and free fire headshot percentage is the M1887. By piling up a lot of kills in ranked mode, gamers can use this shotgun to completely destroy the lobby. Two rounds are contained in each shotgun cartridge. It is the strongest weapon in the Free Fire MAX game, dealing 100 damage. There is no room for any extra accessories on the rifle.


If you want to improve your free fire headshot percentage and K/D ratio in a ranked game, Groza is an excellent option. The gun’s high damage per hit makes it deadly in close- and medium-range gunfights. The fact that this assault rifle can only be obtained via airdrop is its lone drawback. Groza has 61 hit points of base damage, and two headshots are all it takes to defeat an adversary. The pistol is perfect for mid-range spraying because it has a long range and is fairly steady.


The AWM is the best bolt action sniper weapon in Free Fire MAX. The weapon can defeat a rival player wearing level 3 armour and a helmet. It offers players a clear advantage in long-range battles. The weapon can be equipped with a suppressor to increase its stealthiness. It deals 90 hitpoints worth of base damage. The built-in 8x scope makes it simpler for gamers to view adversaries in mid- and long-range battles. The gun only comes in airdrops, and each round may hold five bullets.

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