Tips and Tricks to Tackle Gloo Wall in the Free Fire

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Free Fire Gloo Wall is important weaponry for both players and opponents in Free Fire. It creates a shield around the user and any players behind the wall in an instant. Normally, it is not recommended to destroy these walls because they are bullet sponges and absorb a lot of punishment.

As a result, if deployed correctly, this Gloo wall will be extremely difficult for the adversary to overcome. There are, however, various ways to deal with Gloo Wall users. We’ve included the top 5 greatest tips for dealing with Gloo Walls in Free Fire in this article.

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Useful tips to tackle Gloo Wall in Free Fire

Make a beeline for the enemy’s flank.

While Gloo walls provide superb 360-degree protection, they may also be used as any other cover. Rather than shooting through the wall, try shooting from a different angle at the target behind it. Overall, while this method is solid, its effectiveness is determined by the location of the target.

Players may not be able to flank them if they are too far away. From a lofty vantage point, flanking is also feasible. Climbing to the top of a building or somewhere else high should allow players to get past the wall.

Gloo wall

Choosing the appropriate character 

In Free Fire, players can take advantage of the characters’ unique powers by selecting the proper character. Skyler and Xayne are the only characters capable of destroying the enemy’s gloo wall from a distance of about 100 metres.


Skyler is an expert at navigating the gloo wall. This Final Fantasy character possesses the skill of Riptide Rhythm. He can utilise this ability to project a sonic wave forward. These waves can destroy 5 pieces of gloo wall at once inside 50 metres. This skill will help against gloo wall users.

Players can simply break through the barrier they have created by using Skyler’s skillsAs a result, they won’t be able to hide behind the gloo wall, and we will destroy them easily.


Another character Xayne is also effective for gloo wall. You can use this character when you have done with Skyler. The damage he deals to barriers and gloo walls is increased by his Xtreme Encounter ability. As a result, it will be especially effective against gloo walls or barriers, such as those used by Chrono.


Ice Iron is Nairi’s ability, which is a passive skill. Every second, it restores 30% of the durability of a player’s deployed Gloo walls. Furthermore, players with this talent will deal 30% more damage with assault weapons to Gloo barriers.

One of the most common meta techniques is to utilise Misha as a character and drive around attempting roadkill. You can also use this method to smash the enemy’s gloo wall while simultaneously murdering everyone who is sheltering behind it.

Use the Frag Grenades in your arsenal to their full potential.

Throwing frag grenades is one of the simplest ways to deal with gloo walls. If you get the right angle, you can fling them past the wall and cause damage to people behind it.

Although grenade damage alone should not be enough to break down a wall, players will require a large number of grenades from teammates for the greatest results.

Use the right weapon

The M82B is the weapon with the most unique powers in the game. It has the ability to pierce armour and do extra damage to Gloo Walls and Vehicles. It can even pierce through walls to reach opponents hiding behind them.

Flamethrower to cause damage to Gloo Walls

Flamethrowers aren’t very useful in Free Fire. Despite this, it is highly effective against Gloo Walls. Players can break down these obstacles in a couple of seconds. It can be tough to get near enough to use this, therefore players may decide to flank the enemy rather than attack the wall.

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