Top 5 Fastest Free Fire Players

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free fire players

When the popularity of battle royale games such as “Free Fire” continue to grow, it is not surprising that several free fire players have begun their journey in streaming and content creation. The game was developed by 111 Dots Studio published Garena for Android & iOS devices.

Who is the best player in Free Fire? You’re looking for answers, and we’ve got them! Check out our list of top 5 players who will make your name rank high on this year’s rankings.

The Fastest Free Fire Players in the World

With 266 million downloads so far, Free Fire apk ios is one of the most popular games in this genre. The top-rated mobile application that kills everything that moves on your screen – it doesn’t matter who has what arsenal or how strong they are!

Who’s the Fastest Player in Mobile?
There are thousands of professional Free Fire players and content creators, but many fans wonder who is fastest at playing this game. This article will be taking a glimpse into some potential candidates for that question – finding out about world’s top speediest gamers on mobile devices!


India’s Free Fire legend player, Raistar is an excellent shot with the reflexes to match. He has 5 million subscribers on YouTube and he’s so fast some even consider him a hacker because of how accurate his aim typically goes when playing free fire online against others who also use their real names unlike “testing” mode where it doesn’t show what your true ranking could potentially be until after 24 hours have passed which makes things more tricky since you’re trying not only get better at aiming but keep track too!

The internet star, Raistar has engaged in 4485 duo matches and his winning tally is 706. He added up to a win rate of 15%. The creator played 3529 solo games with 401 consecutive wins which maintains an approximate 11% efficiency! With 10750 deaths across all those times he kept K/D ratios around 3 stars (3).

TSG Jash

Ritik and Jash are two YouTube gamers who have created one of the most popular channels in recent times. The Two-Side Gamers channel has over 8 million subscribers, which is largely due to their dedication towards gaming with a focus on Call Of Duty: Free Fire mode – where they consistently rank among those top 1% worldwide!

The winning rate of TSG Jash is 23.6% by him having played 1235 matches out 6500 squad games. He has been involved in, with an excellent K/D ratio 3 1 which translates into about 15387 kills proudly displayed on his record so far! He’s also achieved success while playing nearly 2440 duos and 250 matches.

Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is a top 1% Free Fire player who knows how to play strategically and successfully. He was put on this list after succeeding in several seasons of playing the game, where quick movement isn’t as important than making smart decisions quickly- just like him! His ID number for online gaming? 97653930

With 103829 kills under his belt from 27536 matches played as well 10Ks-20ks overall damage done by way of Booyahs (154) or K/D ratios–this man can really hold up against any other player out there today
His stats don’t stop at just being successful; you’ll be hard pressed to find someone more dedicated to what they do best: playing video games


The Indonesian server’s most well-known Free Fire player is SULTAN PROSLO. About 9.5 million people have subscribed to his YouTube account. He has the Free Fire ID 16207002. His given name at birth was Dyland Maximus Zidane.

His IGN is SULTAN, and his Free Fire ID is 16207002. INDO! SULTAN PROSLO has taken the field in 831 squad games, winning 287 of them. He has 2094 kills and a 3.85 K/D ratio.

SK Sabir Boss

One of the top Free Fire players in India, if not the best, is SK Sabir Boss. He is a master of drawn-out battle and is from the BOSS guild. A YouTube channel for SK SABIR has 4.24 million subscribers. He not only highlighted kills and matches, but he also made fun of Free Fire content for his audience. The Free Fire ID for SK Sabir Boss is 55479535.

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