Free Fire: Top 5 Locations in Alpine Map

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Garena has officially launched 2022 in Free Fire with the release of a new update that features a brand-new map named Alpine. This is the first winter land map in Free Fire, and it’s covered in snowy mountains and woods. Alpine contains high altitude parts covered in snow, as well as low altitude areas with little or no snow, to provide gamers with a variety of challenges.

We will now see the finest drop sites from the Alpine map in Free Fire, as well as the best methods to use while there, after learning a little more about what the new map alpine is all about.

alpine map

List of top 5 locations in the alpine map 

1: Snowfall 

As the name indicates, this area is always snow-covered, yet it is also densely populated with residences brimming with treasures. However, because of the abundance of loot, this location has a high possibility of conflict. As a result, for rushers, this is the best location on the map. Snowfall can also provide a significant benefit. The Snowfall location features numerous cover options that can aid players in ambushing enemy squads.

alpine map

Best strategies to follow 

Rushers: Due to the numerous blind areas in the snowfall region, players can simply rush on rival teams. However, there are several blind locations where rushers can be sniped or ambushed, thus this strategy could backfire. This is only a benefit for rushers who have adequate backup assistance.
Snipers: Snipers will benefit from this region because there is plenty of space to camp. Sniper may solo a squad with solid support, allies, or a competent scouting player, giving his side a tremendous advantage.
Supporters or Scouters: Supporters and Scouters with less experience are more likely to be thrown out by third parties. A smart scout player, on the other hand, can warn the team when it’s time to flee or when it’s time to attack. A good one


This place is essentially a military base, with stuff being dropped both outside and within. For the midgame zone, this location contains a good amount of loot. However, to the disappointment of some players, this location lacks any higher ground other than roofs.

This zone likewise has a significant likelihood of fights, although not at the beginning, but rather in the middle or endgame. In addition, the Militia region contains only one vending machine in the center and only a few cover houses, as well as two zip lines for escaping.

alpine map

Best strategies to follow 

Snipers: Because the militia has only one vending machine, camping in the middle may be both perilous and advantageous, as adversaries will come for looting or reviving, which can aid in squad wipes.

Snipers won’t need any help or scouting colleagues here because they can see the entire region from the center. With perfect cover fire from snipers, other teammates can attack on the enemy teams and take them out.

3: Dock 

This section is patterned on a ship dock, and there is plenty of loot and cover here. Several containers serve as loot and cover locations on the dock. Furthermore, there are numerous blind spots where the opponent might attack you.

The ship, two warehouses, and the dock are the three main loot places. Each of the three sections has excellent cover and good loot for the team. Despite the lack of high terrain, there are sniping opportunities scattered throughout the battlefield.

alpine map

Best strategies to follow

Scouters: Because there is so much cover in Dock, scouters can see enemies plundering or entering. Rushers and snipers can use this to disclose enemy whereabouts.
Rushers: Due to the numerous blind areas, rushers can easily ambush an opposing squad without the need of cover fire. Snipers can cover fire rushers to be on the safe side, resulting in occasional squad wipes.

4: Stadium

There are several houses in this area with a lot of loot inside. The dwellings have the unique feature of allowing players to climb inside any roof using their tyres. However, there is a considerable risk of third-party attack when players are on the roof.

There are no zip lines, but there are two bridges in the region. Except for the roof, the area includes two vending machines and very few sniping locations.

alpine map

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Best strategies to follow

Supporters and scouters: Supporters have a decent chance of providing cover fire if they are ambushed or if a guard sniper is on the roof. Scouters can assist in locating enemy whereabouts, which will aid in obtaining a kill or two. Due to the numerous dwellings, wiping out a squad is a difficult task (because of covers and bridge escape).

5: Railroad 

This region has two large treasure stations, although for the most part, loot is in an open area. Players can cover the entire region from one of two sniping spots. There is much less cover in the Railroad section, which features trains and containers full of goodies.

Furthermore, the Railroad section does not include a zip line as an escape route, but it does contain a limited number of vehicles. Each station in this area has two vending machines.

Best strategies to follow 

Snipers: They have a significant advantage due to their height and the fact that the roof is a blind spot. Snipers can also use the marksman rifle to spam/destruct the gloo wall. Due to the limited camping area, snipers are still unable to wipe out a squad by themselves.
Scouters: Because the majority of the railroad is open space, scouts have a difficult time spotting enemies. In addition, scouters can assist rushers by providing cover fire.

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