Top 5 Reasons Why Free Fire is Popular

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If you ask anyone about online gaming and their favorite shooting game, there is a high chance that their answer will be one of the three

  1. Free Fire
  2. Player Unknown Battlegrounds
  3. Apex Legends.

Some honorable mentions, such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. All these games have huge fan bases. PUBG has a daily user base of 30 million, while Apex Legends has a daily user base of about 20 million.

Guess how much Free Fire has?

A WHOPPING 150 MILLION active users who are showing no signs of stopping.

Even though other games have more features than the Free Fire mod menu apk, many players are still in Free Fire to enhance the real gameplay. At the same time, this can be chalked up to the fact that the game has more appealing graphics and many other perks than other games. There are various reasons why this game is more popular than a most first-person shooter or battle royal games.

1. Easy controls and a relatively smooth learning curve

While most games like Call of Duty and Fortnite are relatively complex with all their tech-savvy weapons, tricky building logic becomes somewhat hard to learn and which causes most players to lose interest in the initial stage of playing. Free Fire counteracts that by having a very easy-to-use interface and a pretty simple gameplay mode. This ensures that the player’s interest remains in this game.

Another reason is the fact that the game is relatively simple and time-limited. For example, one battle royale is only for 10 minutes, and in the game, there is a safe zone that covers the whole island at first and then gets smaller as time progresses. This ensures that players face each other at some point in the game and battle until only one player is standing.

2. Lower System Requirements than Other Battle Royale Games

Most of the Free Fire players come from 3rd world or under-development countries because it is a game that requires the bare minimum to run. It requires only android 4.4 or above, which is probably loaded in every phone in its current existence. It would help if you had a bare dual-core CPU that can do 1.2 GHz, a measly 1GB of ram, and 1.5GB of Storage.

With these bare minimum requirements, it allows the game to run on almost every cheap smartphone available. For instance, in Brazil, almost no one has a PC, but at least everyone can afford a lower-end smartphone that enables them to play free fire. It does come at a price that there will be no textures, and other visual effects will be minimum, but it pays off because the game still plays well despite the limited hardware.

3. Social Media Presence in Foreign Languages

It is no secret that a big reason for the popularity of Free Fire is the presence of its gamers in almost every language. This is because there are so many YouTubers and streamers playing this game along with so many languages, which makes it familiar to people around the globe. Furthermore, popularity among different people can be easily identified because if you go on YouTube, there is so much content available. Still, very little is available in English, which strengthens the fact that it is a global game that has a reach all around the globe.

4. Unique Characters and Hero Battles

Free Fire is also very addicting for another reason. There are so many unique characters to choose from instead of having customized skin. In addition, the characters have real perks which become helpful on the battlefield. For example, there is a character named Caroline who can move faster when she is handling a shotgun. Another character named Hayato can cause more damage when his health drops low. These unique perks allow the players to remain clinging to this game and play it even more strategically.

Players have the freedom to display their personalities through different customizationĀ and aesthetic options in Free Fire. There are several stunning skins and bundles that can enchant you at first glance. Diamonds collected from in-game purchases or by completing specific tasks and events can be used to buy them.

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5. Unique Updates and Events

Last but not least, the game gets frequent updates and events. For example, there is an Elite Pass event happening in 2022 as well as the Free Fire OB33 Update, which has numerous new characters and features. The game constantly evolves one after another and keeps the player engaged and interested in the game. This also prevents the players from losing interest in the game, which is a key reason why games like Fortnite are losing players day by day. There are also country-specific events like in Thailand.

Players can log in during Songkran for special Songkran-themed events and loot, while gamers in Brazil can enjoy Carnival content. These extras and perks are why Free Fire players log in every day and stay loyal to the game.

Over to you

Free fire mod apk has its own fan following, and it has become the most emerging game in recent years. Its popularity is because of its feasible features, unlimited health, easy downloadable options, unlock characters, customized skins, and many games modes. Thus, you can challenge your friends and play like champions to enhance the actual gaming experience.

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