Top Most Stylish Free Fire Guild Names

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 In a short period of time, Free Fire Max has earned enormous popularity. Millions of users actively play it, and it has a tremendous fan base. Anyone who has played Free Fire must be familiar with Guild. We’ll look at the step-by-step instructions for creating a free fire guild in this article.

What is Free Fire Guild and How to Create it

In Free Fire MAX, guilds are a key feature that players may create to play with their friends and other people. Initially, guilds were made up of in-game enthusiasts who wanted to watch matches together and participate in free fire guild competitions. In order to network and interact with other individuals playing the battle royale game, they can also join pre-existing guilds.

In the Free Fire game, you can establish your own guild. So, by following the instructions listed below, you can make an excellent guide for yourself. Users should be aware that creating a guild will cost them either 5000 Gold or 500 Diamonds.

Here are the steps to create a Guild

Open the Free Fire app on your phone first. After starting the game, a Guild option will be visible on the right side. 
You’ll be taken to a different page when you select the Guild option. where you can view the guilds of others. You can create a guild by clicking the button in the page’s upper right corner.

As soon as you press the guild creation button. A fresh page will now appear in front of you. You must input information about the guild on this page, including its name, region, rank, approval, and motto.
Click on any of the gold and diamond options after entering all the relevant information. Your free guild, though, will be prepared.

Most Popular Free Fire Guild

  • 𝔾u𝓲ld
  • 〄ᴾᴿᴼGuᎥl𝖉࿐
  • 『ᴹᴷ』•Ҟモれ乙Ö࿐
  • AgairsAmiga
  • ᵀᵉᵃᵐ★ᎳᎪᏒᏒᎥᎾᏒ★
  • вιαcк々ᏟᎾᏴᎡᎪ彡
  • ❖SᴜɪᴄɪƉᴇ♣SϙᴜᴀƉ❖
  • ///B///O///S///S///
  • ༆Ƭεค๓࿐ᴳᵒᵈ
  • ᎢᴇᴀᴍᏞᴇɢᴇɴᴅꜱ
  • ༒ĢÃMĘŘŞ༒
  • Guͥilͣdͫ❥
  • ꜰᴜʀɪᴏᵘꜱ ꜱʟ͢͢͢ᴀʏᴇʀˢ

How to Change guild name

The name of the guild can be altered at a later time.  The associated steps are listed below:
In Free Fire MAX, players should first go to the guild section and then hit the “Edit” icon.
 Players must click the symbol next to their current guild name in a pop-up.
Users should then enter the new name to finish the name change process.

What is guild glory in FF?

For the free fire Guild to level up, glory is necessary. You can gain Glory at the end of each game by joining a Guild. It will level up more quickly and earn more Glory as more Guild members participate in the game.

How do you gain glory?

Glory is determined by your Highest Peak Rating (highest 1v1, 2v2, team, or Legend rating/Elo) combined with your overall Wins.

What are the requirements to create a guild?

An active Free Fire Max account with a level of at least 20 and 5000 gold or 500 diamonds is required.

Rewards For Creating Guild 

  • Character Fragments
  • Summon Airdrops
  • Gold Royal voucher
  • Bounty tokens
  • Supply Map
  • Custom room card
  • Daily login

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