How to Unlock Free Fire Characters Names

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Do you want to know how to get all of the free fire characters? The majority of Free Fire players desire all characters for free. Characters are important in the overall gameplay. You cannot win the Boyaah in the game without the best and most powerful characters. So, here’s the whole story on how to unlock all free fire characters photo without spending any diamonds. We are confident that after reading this article, you will receive free character.

So, let’s get started.

How to unlock free fire characters photo without using diamonds?

It’s difficult to get all of the characters for free, but it’s not impossible. Here are more than 5+ Working Tricks to Unlock All Characters in Free Fire.

Remember, all of these methods are completely safe and simple to apply.

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Unlock characters with gold coins

The majority of characters in the Garena free fire mod apk are in Gold, thus you may easily unlock them for free using gold money. By playing the Ranked game and using a 2x Gold card, you can earn Gold coins. With gold coins, you can unlock Antonio, Caroline, Paloma, Kelly, Ford, and 6+ other characters. So, in the free fire, utilize gold to unlock characters. You may also use a gold coin converter to convert your gold coins into diamonds for free.

Unlock characters using free diamonds

You are reading this because your free fire account is empty of diamonds, correct? But don’t worry, getting free diamonds with our free fire diamond generator is simple and requires no verification. With our Diamond Generator, you may instantly generate 10,000 diamonds and unlock all characters for free.

Unlock characters using redeem codes 

There are a lot of redeem codes for free fire characters names like DJ Alok. To unlock all characters without diamonds, follow the instructions outlined below.

  • To begin, go here and copy anyone’s character redemption code.
  • Now after you have copied the redemption code. On this page, select Redeem Code and sign in with your Free Fire account.
  • Directly paste the code you copied from our redemption code article, then click redeem to see if you have a free fire account. Some characters may be unlocked.

Login daily 

If you log in to the free fire daily, you will be aware of all current events. Every month, there are numerous events, such as “login for three days to receive free fire characters BTS.” As a result, these types of events are the most effective means of obtaining all of the characters in the free fire. You can also learn more about these events by following Garena free fire on social media and YouTube.

Unlock by giving giveaways 

To increase their popularity and subscriber base, the most prominent game streamers organize freebies. You may win free DJ Alok and other characters by entering their giveaways contest. So, the majority of Free Fire players use this approach to get free premium rewards. Hence, giveaways are the most effective approach to obtaining free fire diamonds and all rearwards.

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