How to Create Best Settings for Free Fire Max

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The original Free Fire has been improved in Free Fire MAX download. The max edition has rich visuals, realistic animations, and other characteristics. It seems like the current version is the game’s lightest version for players. The sensitivity and in-game settings are extremely important when playing Free Fire MAX for PC .

As a result, players are curious about the best sensitivity settings for seamless gameplay and connecting more headshots with drags. We are providing together a Free Fire MAX download Best Settings guide to assist gamers in getting the most out of their game. Even minor tweaks to your settings can elevate your game experience.

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Best Sensitivity Settings in Free Fire MAX for PC

The sensitivity controls in any FPS game govern the action rate for all functions in the game. The total sensitivity in the game is determined by a combination of general, red dot, various scopes, and free look sensitivity. Here’s how all of the free fire max mod menu apk current sensitivity options work.

  • The rate of screen movement in both the X and Y axes is controlled by the general sensitivity.
  • When shooting down at a target, the red dot sensitivity affects how quickly the scope turns.
  • The pace of movement of respective scopes attached to the pistol is determined by the 2x, 4x, and sniper scope sensitivity.
  • The movement of the free fire 2 icon is determined by the Free look sensitivity.

However, depending on the device, the ideal sensitivity setting differs. We have included them for both low-end (3GB RAM or less) and high-end (4GB RAM or more) smartphones.

These are the optimum settings for a smoother gameplay experience in Free Fire MAX update, in our view. Players should go to the game lobby’s settings section and change the values to the ones listed above. Then, in training mode, gamers should practice drag or one-tap headshots to get their hands ready.

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Best Settings for players in Free Fire MAX update

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Custom HUD

One of the key game settings is the Custom HUD setting, which can be found under the controls tab. In this section, players can adjust the button sizes and positions. Players can also enable options like a rapid switch and quick reload in the controls section.

Gamers can personalize every button, however, they should not increase the size of the right fire button by more than 50% for better drag headshots.


Under the display part of the game options, players can choose the optimal graphics for their devices. Smooth or standard graphics are recommended for gamers with low-end devices, while extreme or max graphics are recommended for gamers with high-end devices.

Players can also apply a variety of filters, including Bright, Vivid, and Ocean. The Ocean filter offers the finest experience when compared to the other options.

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