Free Fire Laura guide: Character Combination & Abilities

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The BR targeting mechanism, pet talents, character skills, and other unique characteristics all appear in Free Fire. All of these elements work together to make it an outstanding Battle Royale title. Free Fire now has over 40 character options, and the number is growing with each new OB release. Laura in free fire is one of the first characters in Free Fire, and she aids the user by increasing accuracy.

In this post, you will learn about the greatest Laura character combinations and how to master her in the Free Fire game.

Laura in Free Fire

Laura is a fictitious character from the Free Fire comics, and “Laura is a fantastic special agent,” according to Garena. She has been a great shooter since she was a toddler. She wishes to improve the world in some way.”


Laura in free fire is a sharp shooter. At her base level, she boosts the bullet’s Accuracy by 10% while scoped in. Laura improves her accuracy by 35% while scoping in at the maximum level.

Laura in free fire

Best character skill combinations 

Laura is a passive-skilled character, therefore players can combine two passive skills and one active skill with her. The following are some of the best skill combinations:

1.Laura/ Alok/ Shani/ Kelly 

Alok produces a 5m aura in which the user and their teammates recover 5 HP every second for 10 seconds after activating his skill. After each kill, Shani restores up to 30% of his armour durability. Kelly accelerates his sprinting pace by 6%. This skill combination is suitable for both Clash squad and BR mode. Players can regain health and armour durability while also engaging in offensive gaming.

2. Laura/ Wukong/ Hayato/ Joseph

Wukong turns into a moving bush shield that is more difficult to target due to the fact that the default aim does not operate on it. Hayato, on the other hand, improves armour penetration when the user’s maximum HP decreases. When Joseph takes damage from opponents, he boosts his mobility and sprinting speed by 20%.

Players that have this skill combination can use it to activate the Wukong’s shield when necessary, as well as scope in and aim at opponents who are lying in the shield. Players can then easily and accurately take out their opponent.

3. Laura/ Skyler/ Maro/ Moco

Skyler releases a sonic wave capable of destroying five Gloo walls in a single second. Maro’s damage rises as the distance between him and the adversaries grows. For 5 seconds, Moco leaves a mark on the heads of the hit foes. This skill combination is ideal for rank pushing in BR full map mode. Short-range combat can be avoided, and players can get kills with a higher damage advantage.

Tips to use Laura in Free fire 

  • Laura’s character should not be equipped with shotguns, Mp40s, or any other guns without scope.
  • Laura’s talent can be used in long-range combats with AR rifles or snipers with ease. SMGs such as the MP5 or UMP can also be equipped and scoped in for short-range engagements.
  • Gamers can combine her with other characters such as Dasha, D-Bee, and others for increased accuracy.

However, it’s important for players to understand the maps and Laura’s skills well and then use her to their advantage.

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