How to download Free Fire OB35 Advance Server

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The latest version of Garena’s flagship game, Free Fire, is released every two months. Although Advanced Server is released initially, OB updates occur first. The next Free Fire OB35 Advance Server has started collecting registrations as per tradition as it gets ready to open its doors for testing once more.

The advanced server is primarily used by enthusiastic testers to report bugs and give suggestions to the programmers. Gamers who sign up will also get the opportunity to be the first to try out a variety of features that haven’t yet been included in the main game.

To make things as easy as possible for you, this page will go into great detail on the Free Fire OB35 Advance Server and how to join up for July 2022.

Free Fire OB35 Advance Server

Registration steps for the Free Fire OB35 Advance Server

Registration has begun for the forthcoming OB35 Advanced Server. Every user is welcome to register for the Advanced server, and registration is free. But not every user will be able to use the Advanced Server because there are only a certain number of seats accessible.

According to the official Free Fire Advance Server Website, the Advanced server Apk will be accessible on July 7th, 2022. Additionally, this Advanced Server will stop operating on July 14, 2022, after a brief term of availability.

Only registered users can play on the Advance Server, as previously stated. Therefore, in order to sign up for the advanced server, gamers only need to follow a few simple steps:

Registration Website

For access to the registration page, click the free fire advanced server site. You will later fill up some information on the official advanced server page, which is located here. Search for “Login via Facebook” and select it.

Create a profile by logging in with Facebook

The next step is to use a bound Free Fire account and only log in via Facebook. The following step is to submit a name, contact email address, and phone number. Then, next is the downloading step.

Download the APK File

The APK Client download page and the link to the.apk file should display after all the forms have been filled out correctly. I’m done now! The Free Fire OB35 Advanced Server can now be launched after you have waited for the activation code.

Players can quickly sign up by providing their Gmail ID and in-game UID. Which are mostly providing the advance server activation code and receive incentives for spotting bugs or problems.

The advanced server is handled as a distinct application. So, the original Free Fire doesn’t need to be uninstalled. Make sure you have enough storage and memory. This is because the APK is expected to be larger than 1GB.

Additionally, after the advance server testing time is up, all players will be locked out. Despite this, you can still use your account to play in the main game.

When will you get Free Fire OB35 update

A tendency in former releases was the update’s release one day before the current Ranked Contra Squad season came to an end. As the season ends on July 21, it can be anticipated that the Free Fire OB35 update will be released on July 20.

Due to extensive maintenance, as described in previous updates, game servers won’t be accessible on the day of the update. The update is often available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store a few hours after the break. However, the new features won’t be available to players until after the break.

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